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A Nigerian born velvet soul funk singer songwriter who started singing Songs of Praise alongside his siblings in the catholic church choir. He then went onto threading the carrier pathway of a modern contempotary ballet dancer with the Dance company AFRICAN HERITAGE DANCE COMPANY, with which he travelled extensively performing to the hearts delight of Many all around the globe.

At age 28 he kissed the professional dance world goodbye in order to fashion out a music outlet for the music man in him, since the time was due. As far as he is concerned, music and dance are no separate entities, given that there isn’t any meaningful way of separating the two.

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My passion burns like a blazing sword
My world crumbles without music
Some like me hot some like me cold
Some like me singing songs as my ancestors old
My story is told for my history bold
Under the Africa Sky rings my Soweto Blues
Let the music flow into restricted zone
Let your body move like unrestricted none
Vessel of Love vessel of hope and that of peace
To you i offer my rythm divine

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Wine Pier
Wine Pier

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In this venues you can see Francis perform on a regular base.

Francis Chibuzo: For an evening of Velvet Soul